Sunday, June 8, 2014

Speaking in the Sweetest Moments

The thunder scared him earlier, and he came running to me. I asked him who was always with us when we're scared. He said,"Jesus, but He's not a mom." haha. It was a perfect opportunity to remind him that Jesus is far greater than mommy could ever be. And there's no doubt that all of this was perfectly orchestrated by Jesus to remind me of the same exact thing. My trust needs to remain in Him, not in anything else. He's far greater than any earthly fear or worry. It's a lot to grasp for a 3 year old. And far too often, it's a lot to grasp for this 32 year old. But I know who holds tomorrow. And I know who holds my hand. I'm thankful for a God who speaks to me in the sweetest moments, in the times just when I need Him most.

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